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New  Alternative  Jazz  Album

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Produced by Jorge Roeder & Sofía Rei

Recorded & Mixed by Mark Goodell

Mastered by Bob Power

Sofía Rei: Vocals, 

Jorge Roeder: Uprights Bass

Deep from the corners of the Pan-American repertoire, Argentine vocalist Sofia Rei and Peruvian bassist Jorge Roeder delve into the hidden gems of the lore. With uncanny skills and gripping emotive range, they bring songs to life in this all-acoustic duo setting. These Grammy nominated musicians, whose collaboration spans almost 20 years, revisit compositions by iconic writers such as Noel Rosa, Pixinguinha, Nicomedes Santa Cruz, Chabuca Granda and Thelonious Monk. They thrive in the immense variety of musical styles that emerged in the americas since the late 19th century, in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

“Ms. Rei, a vocalist hailing from Argentina, sings in a windblown, mountains-high voice, but she often sounds like she might be withholding something, too. It’s as if maybe the full delivery might be too overpowering—an engrossing suggestion.”

- New York Times

 “Highly capable of integrating diverse influences, from ancient folkloric traditions to modern jazz […] Sofia’s vocals convey deep passion and a full spectrum of emotions”

- Ed Enright, Downbeat Magazine

“With an unerring ear, quick reflexes, an exacting sense of rhythm, and a virtuosic streak (…) Jorge has become one of the premier bassists on the scene while bolstering bands led by guitarist Julian Lage, pianist Shai Maestro, trombonist Ryan Keberle, saxophonist John Zorn, and numerous others.”

- Dan Bilawsky, Jazz Times Magazine


In his hands, says the Ottawa Citizen, “the music feels like it’s dancing from the ground up.” - Ottawa Citizen

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