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The Stone Residency 2023 in New York-May 31st-June 3rd

Actualizado: 30 may 2023

Beloved people, I hope you are all doing wonderfully. Here we are, getting ready for another Stone Residency. Curated by the one and only John Zorn, avant-garde composer, saxophonist and The Godfather of New York’s experimental music scene, these residencies have always been an incredible opportunity to try new things. I will be presenting four different projects of mine with some of my favorite collaborators. I hope you can join us in one or all shows. Thanks for your continued support! Sofía

The Stone Residency 2023 Wednesday May 31st Stills, Slides & Snapshots A vocal extravaganza featuring some of my favorite singers on the New York scene. We will be playing some compositions that will be part of a brand new journalistic opera project about immigration, and multiple improvised pieces. Sara Serpa (vc), Aubrey Johnson (vc), Jen Shyu (vc), Kavita Shah (vc), JD Walter (vc), Sofía Rei (vc) Thursday, June 1st Umbral My electronic/South American folk/experimental pop project. We will play the songs of my latest album (Umbral, of course!) and some new ones. This is the full band my friends, incredible line up. JC Maillard (laptop, electric guitar, electric bass, vocals), Jorge Glem (cuatro), Darío Boente (synths), Juana Luna (vocals), Josh Deutsch (trumpet), Sofía Rei (vocals, charango, electronics) Friday, June 2nd Andariegos: South American Songbook We definitely needed a night of South American music, and this is it! Come and listen to some new songs in duo with my dear friend, virtuoso cuatro player Jorge Glem. Be ready for Chuño, the beautiful duo of fantastic vocalist Sofía Tosello and rhythmic guru Franco Pinna on his experimental drums-percussion-arpa legüera set. We will all play together some of our favorite Argentine folk songs in a refreshed format. Jorge Glem (cuatro), Franco Pinna (drums + arpa legüera), Sofia Tosello (vc), Sofía Rei (vc) Saturday, June 3rd John Zorn Masada Book III: Keter JC and I will play the songs of our award winning duo album Keter, a record commissioned by John Zorn for his famous Masada series. He will be playing the Saz bass, a magical instrument with a unique sound. The arrangements are incredibly varied, and range from lyrical heartfelt ballads to driving grooves. JC Maillard (saz bass, stomp box) & Sofía Rei (vocals, looper, charango) All concerts at 8.30pm New School Glass Theater Theater 55 west 13th street corner of 6th Ave New York City $20 per set cash only payment at the door

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