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In her most recent project, an exhaustive exploration of the voice as an instrument of texture and expression, Sofia Rei breaks away from the established continuity of her work, creating a daring new soundscape that blends South American folk with pop, electronic music and improvisation. In a recent soul-searching trip to the Elqui Valley in Chile Sofía, equipped only with two back packs with recording equipment and her charango created the core of her newest musical venture: “Umbral” (Threshold). Her unorthodox compositions are built almost exclusively from vocal loops and incorporate the series “Cinco poemas cínicos” (Five Cynical Poems), in which the songwriter displays her natural inclination towards lyricism. Incisive and imaginative, Sofia’s poetry responds to heartbreak, deception and disappointment with unrestrained candor, elegant humor and a heavy dose of sarcasm.

The album is set to be released in 2020 and is produced by world music luminary long-time collaborator JC Maillard (Lisa Fischer, Angelique Kidjo, Richard Bona, Touré Kunda), and is to feature some of the most talented musicians of the current International scene.

Be a part of UMBRAL

Writing music is the first step of making an album. After a few years in the making, Sofia was awarded a Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation Grant in November 2019, to finish the recording process. Still, in order to bring this project to realization , a few more steps have to be taken; graphic design, photos, video, CD/Vinyl manufacturing and packaging, and distribution.


With your support, you can help make UMBRAL  happen while participating in the process.

Thank you always for your support and stay tuned!

Levels of participation

- Pre-order album download  $10

- Pre-order UMBRAL autographed CD $20

- Your name listed in the credits $300*

- Sofia's entire discography - 6 CDs (Autographed) $120* 

- Pair of VIP tickets to a concert of your choice $ 70

- House Concert Duo with JC Maillard (plus transportation

  & accommodation if applicable) $3,000*

- Executive Producer $ 5,000*

- Donor (your choice)

* includes an autographed copy of Umbral

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