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Colombia, Ecuador & Australia

My dear people, 

I'm writing to you literally on my way to Australia, above the clouds in one of the three flights that will take me there. This was an amazing summer, full of travels, inspiration, nature, adventures, new music, crazy projects... And I wanted to share a bit of what has been going on with you all.  Bogotá, Colombia: Recording Naturae Carmina by Damián Ponce de León It is already a beautiful thing when a composer you really like writes a full cycle of songs specially for you to perform. But in this case, it gets even more interesting because these songs are meant to be for a SOLO performance where I record live voices, charango, percussion, wine glasses.... Damián wrote this music based on poetry by Colombian writers that reflect on the beauty of nature and its possible apocalypses. Recording Naturae Carmina was a beautiful challenge. Can't wait to share it with you all.

Ecuador: Sikwanka Residency with Grecia Albán, Urián Sarmiento and Lucas Lessa

We just finished one of the most exciting and enriching artistic residencies ever. Sikwanka was envisioned to get a diverse group of South American artists together during three weeks to write songs inspired in natural landscapes of three different regions of Ecuador. Luckily for us, the artistic and human experiment couldn't have gone better! We spent time in the mountains, volcanos, the Amazonian jungle and the beach. We got to do some trekking in the jungle, swimming, climbing with rope through waterfalls, rafting.... We also got the opportunity of collaborating with local artists. Besides being completely amazed by the beauty of it all, we wrote 10 songs and recorded them at the end of our stay. Pure magic.

Thank you IBERMUSICAS and all our friends and partners in Ecuador that supported this project. Special thanks to the one and only Grecia Albán for making this happen. Stay tuned! An album of Sikwanka's music will come out in the near future.

Residencia Sikwanka: 30 July - 17 August

Melbourne, Australia: Bird's Basement

Yes!! We are heading to Melbourne for a week-long residency August 21-25, at Bird's Basement in trio with my brothers JC Maillard and Tupac Mantilla. We will do seven shows so come catch a set this week!

Ann Arbor, Michigan: Blue Llama Jazz Club

Last stop of the month! Get your tickets for our duo show with Mr JC Maillard on saz bass at the Blue Llama Jazz Club. We will present our last album KETER from John Zorn Masada Book 3. 

Very grateful to see new and old friends, make new music and travel to quite some amazing places....Thanks for coming along on these adventure and for your continued support!



Sofia Rei & JC Maillard 'KETER'  From John Zorn Masada Book 3

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