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Galapagos Music Festival

The COVID19 pandemic has caused human and material losses all around the world and Charles Darwin’s natural lab is no exception. The Galapagos are one of Earth’s most iconic natural sites and depends on tourism for its main source of income. These people face an uncertain future. Hundreds of families are waiting to go back from continental Ecuador to their homes on the islands. To make this happen a return program is on its way with strict measures and health protocols and now needs our support. As artists, we are uniting through music to support this cause and add hope from our own corners of the world. This campaign seeks to support the approximately 3,000 residents of the Galapagos Islands (10% of the population) that are in mainland Ecuador and cannot return to their homes. Sofía joins Alex Alvear, Omar Sosa, Maria Tejada, Nana Mendoza, Nito Mestre and Cristina Morrison among others to support this cause.

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