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KETER in Boston & New York

Actualizado: 20 sept 2019

Dear people,

How are you all? Me, back in New York after a beautiful summer in the Southern hemisphere touring, writing music and recording new projects.

And while roaming the streets of Melbourne.....

This Fall we will be traveling quite a lot with KETER, the duo project with JC Maillard part of John Zorn Masada Book 3. Coming up, Boston and New York! But stay tuned, we are also bringing it to Paris, Amsterdam, Vilnius, Riga, Vermont....and the Caribbean (yeah, perfect timing, right at the end of November's freezing cold ;)

Join us in Boston and New York this week!


Wednesday, September 18

Wagner College, Hispanic Heritage Month Performance 6:30 pm  - 8:00 pm

Spiro Hall 2 (FREE!)

631 Howard Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10301  

Friday, September 20

MASTERCLASS - 1:00 pm | New England Conservatory

290 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA Click for more info

Saturday, September 21st  

CONCERT - 7:30 PM | RegattaBar 

1 Bennett St, Cambridge, Boston, MA  Click for tickets

Friday, September 27th

CONCERT - 7:00 PM | Hunter College Music Department Lang Recital Hall - Hunter North 4th Floor Click for more info


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