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Sofia Rei’s third album, De Tierra y Oro, has received two Independent Music Awards in the World Beat category for Best Album and Best Song in 2013 and has been featured on CNN, NPR’s Tiny Desk, WNYC’s Soundcheck, The New York Times and many more.


Sofia describes the album as a series of “philosophical wanderings” -songs that draw on a wide range of South American folkloric influences and bracingly modern sounds, with her powerful voice in the forefront. The album was produced with her longtime bassist and collaborator Jorge Roeder and co-producer Fabrice Dupont.


The textures run the gamut of contemporary to traditional: from layered and effects-treated vocals, electric guitars, loops and drum machines to Bolivian charangos, Paraguayan harps, Colombian marimbas, Argentine bombos, Peruvian cajones and more.


Rei’s vibrant multi-tracked vocals and use of reverbs, delays and harmonizers make “De Tierra y Oro” a bold departure from her previous work. Singing in Spanish, Rei tells stories that reflect her diverse travels and experiences: a cock fight in Cartagena, a nightmare in Buenos Aires, a love letter in New York, a haunted man in the Andes.


Sofía Rei – Lead, backup vocals and loops

Eric Kurimski – Acoustic guitar, semi-acoustic guitar

Jean-Christophe Maillard – Electric guitar and Spanish guitar

Jorge Roeder – Double bass, electric bass & charango

Yayo Serka – Drum & percussion set with bombo legüero, congas & cajón, Peruvian cajón, Flamenco cajón, udu, claps & percussion loops with dust remover spray, bells & breaths

Facundo Guevara – Percussion set with bombo legüero, congas, cajón, hi-hat, chas chas, maracas, chekere & caxixis

Samuel Torres – Congas, alegre drum & guache

Diego Obregón – Marimba de chonta, cununo & guasa

Morris Cañate – Tambora

Nestor Gomez – Maracas

Fernando Martínez – Snare drum

Malika Zarra – Backup vocals

Celso Duarte – Charango and harp

Josh Deutsch – Flugel horn & trumpet

Ryan Keberle – Trombone

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