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Produced and arranged by Sofia Rei and Jorge Roeder, Sube Azul, recipient of the Best Album in the 2011 Independent Music Award in the World Beat category is a fully formed synthesis, reflecting Sofia’s immersion in modern and progressive jazz while also responding to the pull of ancestry and the appeal of organic, pan-musical connections.


A native of Buenos Aires, Sofia brings to bear the folkloric traditions of Argentina and its regional neighbors (Peru, Colombia, Uruguay), tying together diverse influences in a program full of complexity, melody and romance.


The songs speak of heartbreak, individuality, special characters in Sofia’s life, the challenges of life abroad. There are tributes to Argentina’s copleras (female folkloric singers), and comments on what Sofia terms “the end of the utopia of the upcoming Latin American revolution.”


And yet even as Sube Azul spans the continents, it transcends its origins and gathers force as a self-contained narrative, more than the sum of its parts.


Sofía Rei – Vocals, caja vidalera

Anat Cohen – Clarinet

Celso Duarte – Harp

Dana Leong – Cello & trombone

Leo Genovese – Piano, melodium suzuki

Geoffrey Keezer – Piano

Juancho Herrera – Acoustic & electric guitars, cuatro venezolano

Eric Kurimski – Acoustic guitar

Diego Obregon: Tres

Jorge Roeder – Double bass, electric bass

Yayo Serka – Drums, cajón, bombo, udu

Samuel Torres – Kalimba, congas, capachos, caxixis, shakers, maracas, percussion effects

Juan Medrano Cotito – Cajón, quijada, cajita, guapeo

Jorge Pérez Albela – Cajón, donkey jaw

Morris Cañate – Tambor alegre

Ronald Polo – Tambora

Nestor Gómez – Llamador, maracas

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