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Order “Coplas Escondidas” limited vinyl edition

Deep from the corners of the Pan-American repertoire, Argentine vocalist Sofia Rei and Peruvian bassist Jorge Roeder delve into the hidden gems of the lore. With uncanny skills and gripping emotive range, they bring songs to life in this all-acoustic duo setting. These Grammy nominated musicians, whose collaboration spans almost 20 years, revisit compositions by iconic writers such as Noel Rosa, Pixinguinha, Nicomedes Santa Cruz, Chabuca Granda and Thelonious Monk. They thrive in the immense variety of musical styles that emerged in the americas since the late 19th century, in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Neither folkloric nor avant-garde, straight ahead or Latin jazz, Coplas Escondidas is a singular creation by two of the foremost cosmopolitan improvisers on the international jazz scene. This duo project celebrates the depth of Latin American song forms, and it’s wonderfully original – unlike anything in their varied discographies.

Seizing a moment afforded by the pandemic shutdown, Rei and Roeder met up in Brooklyn at Mark Goodell's studio for a musical communion drawing on two decades of oft-intersecting exploration. Coplas Escondidas continues a creatively charged musical conversation between two longtime friends and intermittent collaborators who’ve been influencing and inspiring one another since they met two decades ago at New England Conservatory. The songs and rhythmic settings span South America, drawing on an array of styles and traditions interpreted through an improvisational jazz ethos.

Sofía Rei- vocals
Jorge Roeder- upright bass

Produced by Sofia Rei & Jorge Roeder
Recorded and mixed by Mark Goodell at Joe's Garage in New York City

Mastered by Bob Power
Photo by Isabel Roeder
Graphic Design by Caro Nino

Incluye transmisiones sin límites de Coplas Escondidas a través de la aplicación gratuita de Bandcamp, además de una descarga en alta calidad en MP3, FLAC y más

Order “Coplas Escondidas” limited vinyl edition

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